The project is not political, but anti-political. The phoenix can only leave behind ashes after all.

Similarly, the activist must seek to destroy him/herself in order to embody real social change, and that is a sacrifice that most activists would not ultimately be willing to undertake. Even those who would must reconcile themselves with the evangelist consequences of their actions.

Economics is not a degree programme, nor is it a blinding list of inaminate digits on finger-stained pink print. It is simultaneously our lifeblood and our death rattle. It is the beat of our shoes on the pavement, every step heavier in the knowledge of our needs and wants unfulfilled and our lives unfulfilling.

We must not look to Parliament, the television nor the print media for our rescue. Rather it comes from ourselves, understanding who, what and why we are and how to change it. Not because of charity, goodwill or moral correctness, but because of it being in our interests.

Failing that, allow me space for my own personal reversal of perspective in the cold megacity.

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